A rainy day in Winchester. - britany rowlett

Ah, a day off FINALLY! I've been dying to post a blog about last weeks adventure that was supposed to end up at the grocery store but instead ended us right back at home to change Sailor's wet clothes.

The plan was: Grab lunch at this cute cafe downtown that I've been wanting to try and then tackle the grocery store that I've been putting off for far too long. Kentucky has a long rain season this time of year so in my defense I was waiting for a somewhat drier day. 

The first part of our plan turned out great. Maddie's Cafe on Main did not disappoint and if you're ever in Winchester, Kentucky during lunch hours, I would definitely stop by.

Being away from my camera for the past few months while completing my military training caused me to go through withdraws. Since I've been home I've  been carrying the thing everywhere, trying to make up for lost time. ha. I was able to capture a few good shots of Sailor being, well... Sailor. She is so photogenic and I can tell that she missed my camera maybe just as much as I did. 

So, lunch was great. Now on to the grocery store, or so I thought. 


Sailor, being my child, can't resist a body of water to save her soul, and I, being a photographer, can't resist capturing moments of my daughter indulging in her sweet innocence. 

So she splashed her little boots full.

She was soaked by the end of it. Like, she had to DUMP out the water that was in her boots. 

But it's okay. She had fun. We made memories. And we still have no groceries. I guess it's pizza again tonight babe.

A rainy day in Winchester

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