Sweet Nostalgia - britany rowlett

Nostalgia gets me every time.

I've spent a little time each day this week spring cleaning my laptop hard drive, deleting photos that I have rendered useless and organizing those I decided to keep. While doing so, I came across some images I took a few years back when we lived in South Carolina, and they have me feeling rather homesick. 

Now, technically speaking, I am from Georgia, but my husband and I consider the carolina coast home and plan to get back there some day. We fell in love with the low country when my husband was stationed in Beaufort while serving in the military. 

Sunsets over the marsh, long summers, and low country boil (yum), became part of our daily lives. After spending the last couple of years in Kentucky, the nostalgia has really started to hit us. 

And these photo's just aren't helping!

The photos I am sharing today are of the Old Sheldon Church ruins located in Yemassee, South Carolina, just a short drive from Beaufort.  

The history behind this place is intriguing. 

Constructed in the mid 1700's, it is said that this was the first attempt to copy a Greek styled temple in America. Unfortunately, there is not any concrete evidence of what happened to this beautiful piece of Greek style architecture, but there are local legends that have been passed down through the generations. 

One legend has it that the church as burned once in during the revolutionary war, rebuilt and then burned again during Sherman's march in the Civil War. 

The second legend, although not as plight, is still interesting. According to Beaufort's tourism website, in 1866, a local man wrote in a letter, "Sheldon Church not burnt. Just torn up in the inside, but can be repaired." Apparently the church was stripped of all salvageable materials to help rebuild nearby homes that were destroyed by Sherman's army. 

If your interested in spooky, ghost stuff, this is supposed to be one of the more haunted places in the area. The surrounding ground around the church is filled with toppled graves, broken fences and old mossy trees that gives this place an eerie vibe if you go during the right time of day.

I always thought it would be neat to try and find the history of the people that are buried on the grounds.  This is also a great place to have portraits taken. I know if I was still living in South Carolina I would be shooting there every chance I got.

If you end up making it out to the ruins let me know what you thought of the place and send me your pictures  you took while you were there. Make me miss home even more!

Until next time,


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