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Hello my fellow Earthlings,

      It has been a country minute since the last time I have made a blog post. Don't worry, I am still developing content and will catch up on sharing them soon. School has been keeping me busy. I am learning so many cool things that I can't wait to show you guys. If you follow my personal Instagram stories you might have seen some of the work I have been doing. 

      I felt obligated to make an impromptu post in honor of our big, blue, lovely plant. You see, I love Earth very much. We all call it come and is one thing that every human has in common. For this reason, I can't wrap my head around why we are so remiss on it's health. 

    In celebration of Earth Day,  I present to you a photo I took last year on the shore of Clark's Hill Lake (Lake Thurmond) in Georgia. The lake was extremely low and made visible quite a bit of litter. I saw this can and thought how bitter sweet it was that a tree is growing out of trash. Mother nature never gives up and it's perseverance is inspiring. Let's remember to keep our planet clean. Like every member of a household helps to clean a home, every human being on this planet has an obligation to keep Earth clean, for it is everyone's home.

For information on ways to live a little bit greener visit The WorldWatch Institute's website.

If you have any tips on how you or your family does their part on living the green life, post a comment below. You never know who you could inspire. 

Photography means so much to me, but it would me so much more if a photo I took inspired just a single person to make a difference. Please share this post with all your friends!

Happy Earth Day everyone. 

Until next time,

Britany Lynne

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